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Fixin' The Little Things

Friday, October 31, 2008

Have a great Trick or Treat!

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Here are some Photos from early Halloweens or times when we dressed up!

Saturday, October 25, 2008

eHow -- How To Do Just About Everything

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eHow -- How To Do Just About Everything

I found this web site recently and joined it. It has a feature where I can publish my how-to-articles for payment so I am going to try it.

There is an interesting how to video I found to remove those pesky Gnats we get this time of year. Check it out. Looks like a bowl of apple cider vinegar is the mouse trap.
How to Get Rid of Indoor Gnats -- powered by

How to make money on eHow


Monday, October 20, 2008

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For those of you who know me, it is no surprise that I am a TV Junkie with only few limitations, I have rabbit ears and only local channels. I know that a lot of weekly movies can be watched on home channels sites like NBC or CBS with highspeed internet but I found a site on Comcast that lets you watch a whole episode after it has aired. So if you miss a favorite program look here to find it.

Find it at

Here is an episode from one of my favorite detective shows. (It is small here but you can watch it full size at the link above)

Another option is to check out whole season series on DVD from the local library. I spare no energy to find thrifty ways to watch free TV.

Another Tip from Kim Komando

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Monday Fun Things

Halloween Fun

No Explanation Needed

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

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Happy Birthday MaKayla!
October 14th
I hope you howled for your Birthday and had a great day!
Luv You!

I tried to find a dog that sings Happy Birthday but I only found one that says "I love you!"

And just for Laughs here are the synchronized Elmo's!


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